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Couple married for 84 years shares recipe for a successful marriage

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 Life is  sweet when you have the one you love by your side, this holds true for this exceptional couple. they  have been married for 84 years,  celebrated and admired by family and friends,they shared the secret to their happy family life.


They have revealed what has kept them after so many years of being together as a couple.


According to the them, the secret to a happy married life is for the couple to be nice to each other.


 “We don’t argue or have any fights. If we have a misunderstanding, we just talk it over,” they disclosed.

This awesome couple just clocked 100 and 103 years old respectively.


  The husband is known as D.W and his wife, Willie Williams  recently celebrated their wedding anniversary and their birthdays, which were only a week apart.


The couple further explained what they enjoy playing crossword puzzle together and its one of their favourite games.


  Sometime ago in 2014 they won  the state’s contest for the longest married couple.

They also revealed that been open and communication is key to the success of their marriage and that has contributed in keeping them together.


The couple,  met in Newberry, South Carolina in 1935 and married two years later, have one child and one grandchild.


Their daughter, Alice Erin, and granddaughter, BJ Williams-Greene, hosted a party at a First Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church, where they have been members for 19 years.


The celebration afforded everyone the opportunity to learn alot from the adorable couple,they are such an inspiration to family and friends who turned out in large numbers to appreciate God for the William’s long lives and marriage they also  sang hymns to the admiration of all.


Their only granddaughter B.J Williams said in an interview  that her grandparents’ marriage is an inspiration.

She revealed that they communicate and make decisions together, strive and achieve together and everyone loves them because they are genuine.


“They have had such a long, successful marriage because they put God first and are each other’s best friends,” she said.

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