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Former Guatemalan FA boss Salguero ban for seven year

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 Football governing body FIFA has banned the former Guatemalan Football Association President Rafael Salguero from all football-related activities for seven years for bribery.

The adjudicatory chamber of the independent ethics committee said on Wednesday.

Salguero, a former member of the FIFA and the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) executive committee, has been found guilty of bribery in violation of the FIFA code of ethics.

“He was investigated for “various bribery schemes during the 2006 to 2014 period related to CONCACAF and FIFA competitions, as well as the illegal reselling of tickets for the FIFA World Cup,’’ the statement said.

Report says the ban covers all football-related activities at international and national level. Salguero, 72, was also fined 100,000 Swiss francs (99,500 dollars).

Salguero is one of 16 high-ranking officials who have been indicted in the U.S. in connection with FIFA corruption scandals.

FIFA’s statement said the adjudicatory panel found Salguero had breached the bribery code of its code of ethics “while highlighting his cooperation with the authorities in the U.S. and throughout the proceedings before the ethics committee.’

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