ICE deportation goes into full swing,to begin its nationwide raids this weekend thousands of families to be affected

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The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid that President Trump threatened, then postpone is set to take effect from this weekend across the United States  according to a new report.

Similar to the initial reported plan, ICE agents are targeting at least 2,000 immigrants for deportation across 10 major cities and could also sweep up immigrants who aren’t the initial targets.

The effort comes weeks after President Donald Trump had tweeted ICE’s plans to conduct the raids, before he then delayed the operation , saying he would wait “to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border.”

The idea of immigration raids has been a fraught one, according to the Department of Homeland Security, and ICE. According to the Times, immigration agents have “expressed apprehensions” about the prospect of potentially arresting children and babies, and within DHS, there’s been disagreement as to what to do.

The agency is targeting “at least 2,000″ immigrants” who have already been ordered to leave the country but have not done so, according to the Times, which noted that some of those orders were the result of the immigrants not appearing during court proceedings.

According to the Times, if family members are arrested together, they’ll be held in family detention centers — or, if there’s not enough room, hotels — until they can be deported.

On Wednesday, Ken Cucinnelli, acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, told reporters that raids are “absolutely going to happen,” though he declined to comment on the timing.

Areas targeted includes:


– Atlanta
– Chicago
– Baltimore
– Denver
– Houston
– Los Angeles
– New Orleans
– New York City,
– San Francisco

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