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Indian Labourers die Cleaning Septic tank.

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Atleast  Seven  manual labourers were reported to her died while  cleaning a hotel septic tank in western India without safety gear,  the incidence Occured  Friday night in Gujarat state’s Vadodara district, a police official confirms.

All seven of the labourers suffocated to death inside the tank, four were actual scavengers employed to do the job while the other three victims were hotel staff who were assisting.

According to report by the officer Azzad who led the rescue operation

“One person first entered the tank, but when he did not come out and did not respond to calls, three other cleaners went inside to help him,”

“When all four did not emerge after some time, the three hotel employees entered the tank, all seven of them losing their lives in the process,”

“Their bodies have been brought out and sent for postmortem,” he said.

The Hotel owner has been charged with causing the death of the victims and employing unqualified locals for the hazardous job.

The high number of Deaths caused by asphyxiation in sewers full of noxious gases are frequently reported across India.

Property owners also refuse to engage the services of certified cleaners’ instead  they settle for the vulnerable low income Indians who are willing to offer themselves as cheap labour.

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