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Indian magician tragically drowns in a river while performing in a magic stunts gone wrong

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  The on lookers at the venue waited in vain for him to surface, Other spectators watched from the shore, expecting a spectacular performance from the revered magician all to no avail.

The Magician’s body was washed up about 1km away from the site of the attempt.

Indian police swung into action in an attempt to recover Mandrake’s body from the body of water, his hands and feet were still tied with steel chains as at the time the body was recovered.

A fellow magician and President of the Indian Brotherhood of Magicians in Delhi, Sumit Kharbanda, expressed shock at the sudden demise of his dear friend and colleague pointing out that Mandrake  had performed the same stunt successfully at least a dozen times in previous exercises.

“He used to practise in swimming pools and rivers,” said Kharbanda. “All magic has to be perfect and it takes a lot of practice, but even with practice, things can go wrong. This was a very dangerous performance. I don’t know if it was a breathing issue or just not being able to undo the locks.”

“He was a great stunt artist and this is a big loss for the Indian magic community,”




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