“Marry a man with earning potential, vision and a strong work ethic–Laurie Idahosa admonishes single ladies

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Pastor Laurie Idahosa highlights some salient issues you need to consider before saying “I do”, she opined that marriage is a serious business, so for that ladies should be weary of whom they end up with.

The clergywoman advises single ladies to look out for specific traits in the life of  the man they want to spend the rest of their lives with–because that could give you a glimpse of what will be 50 years later with that man.

Her words in print: Marry someone whom you absolutely and completely enjoy. He should inspire and connect with you spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You need to have enough shared interests so that when you grow older, you aren’t looking for ways to escape one another’s company.

Before you marry a man, know what his expectations are of you, as a wife and mother. Ask him to spell it out. Know his thoughts on women working outside the home, on his wife pursuing her academic or career related ambitions. Be sure you share the same philosophy in this area.

Before you marry, look at his habits. Both the healthy and the unhealthy habits create the future. Does he read books, watch TV, play sports, buy luxury items, gossip, drink or smoke, gamble, work out, pray, eat junk food, etc.? His habits are a glimpse into your next 50 years.

Know a man’s temperament and level of aggression. Know if he gets angry easily or if he is a peacemaker. Know if fights, forgives or holds onto grievances. Does he believe in revenge? While married, you will be on the receiving end of whatever his temperament is.

A man doesn’t need to be rich to be a good candidate for marriage, but, he does need to have a legitimate source of sustainable income and a responsible culture when it comes to finance. Examining his debt portfolio is one of many ways to get to know his finance culture.

It is preferable to marry a man with earning potential, vision and a strong work ethic than to marry a guy who can “spray” your friends at a party.

If he spends lavishly, it’s usually a sign that money is either new to him or that he didn’t work for it.

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