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Nigerian Lateef Alabi Escaped Death In New Zealand

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 A  Nigerian Lateef Alabi, the Iman at the Linwood mosque escaped  being shot dead when the attacker struck in one of the mosques on Friday.

“Everybody is angry, everybody is upset of course, and they want to see their dead ones and just want to pay their last respects and let them go to the grave, but the police have to complete their work and go through the normal procedure before they are released,” Alabi recounted the horror and shock people were going through.

“I’m very sad for what has happened, but I believe this country is a peaceful country and I hope something good will happen after that and the security will become tighter.”

The mood at the hospital wasn’t welcoming,as sympathizers,family members and paramedics were apphensive and down cast enveloped with frustrations and agony over the situation.

“They just want to express the anxiety and the pain they are going through … that’s all. Our people are very good; it’s not that they are angry with the police or the work they are doing. They just want to see … just to know that … ok, my father is gone, my brother is gone … so I just want to get him beneath the ground, beneath the earth.”

THe corpses have not yet been released to the families for burial , but Alabi said it would “probably” start from Sunday.

Alabi became emotional talking about the grieving families and the pains they have to go through looseing their loved ones.

“I never thought this would happen in New Zealand, never, never, never, believe me.

“But it’s happened, it’s happened, so it will happen anywhere and …. we just feel bad about those who have passed away … and for their families … I will pray for them.”

Alabi narrated the incidence, that he was in the middle of prayers when he saw the gunman outside the mosque.

“He shot one brother coming towards the mosque; he shot him from the head.

“I stopped my prayer, I peeked through the window, and I saw the person with a machine gun, heavily dressed. By the time I looked on the ground and saw dead bodies I thought this is something else, this is a terrorist.”

Alabi told everyone inside to “get down”,

He said the gunman ran out of bullets and dropped his gun.

A man inside the mosque followed the shooter as he left the mosque. He picked up the machine gun and smashed it into the gunman’s car windscreen. After the gunman ran away, Alabi returned to the mosque.

“I started picking up the bodies to know who was dead and who was alive.”

“I’m very sad for what has happened, but I believe this country is a peaceful country and I hope something good will happen after that and the security will become tighter.”

It would take some time and lots of reassurance before many members would feel safe to return to the mosques.

“Probably even going to the mosque will be hard for members unless some serious security is provided.”

“I believe New Zealand will do it. The PM has promised it, and she will do it,” he said.

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