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Nigerians languishing in Togo Prisons begs Federal goverment to come to their rescue

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According to him, the representative of the Nigerian prisoners in Togo, Mr. Ben Okolie, in an emotion-laden voice complained that  the Nigerian Ambassador to Togo have done nothing to alleviate the plights of Nigerian prisoners.

it was reported that His Excellency, Joseph Olusola Iji the Nigerian Ambassador to Togo visited the inmates on  April  7, 2019,but his visit further fueled more disappointment and hopelessness among the prisoners.

Ben Okolie cried out that this ambassador has been a torn on the flesh of the prisoners and cannot be trusted and has done nothing to savage the terrible  situation faced by his fellow country men and women caged in deplorable conditions in Togo Prisons with living conditions spartan.


Revealing the details of what transpired on the day of the visit showed that The Ambassador was clearly on the side of the Togolese authorities,stating that they are even lucky because the Togolese Prison authority were even more lenient with them than prisoners from other countries.


“When they complained about lack of proper medication and sleeping arrangement he said that they should not expect to sleep well since they are prisoners.”

“They gave an instance where a Togolese was convicted of same offence but was sentenced to five years while Nigerians were given 10 years.”

The Togolese served three years and was released while his Nigerian counterpart is still serving his 10-year jail term.

“They complained to him about fellow Nigerian prisoners in Togo lying critically ill in the hospitals and Nigerians are contributing money for their treatment but the Ambassador said nothing about it than telling them he brought Paracetamol to them.”

“One of the women gave birth in prison but the Ambassador did not show any concern whatsoever to her plight or any of other Nigerian women prisoners.

“In this regard they are begging President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian government to come to their rescue as they are dying one after the other in prison”


GSAC, in the letter dated Friday, March 15, 2019, to President Buhari and copied the Attorney General, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador of Nigeria to Togo, revealed that it was in possession of video recordings and pictures of over 200 Nigerians jam-packed in a room and forced to sleep on the floor.


“The actions of the Togolese government are against the provision of United Nations Universal Declarations of Human Rights, the group said.


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