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The Menace Of Internet Fraud And Ritual Practices

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You must have noticed that big boss in your area, who drives the latest rides in town, gallivanting with no job or business address. No known job but he is seen displaying and flaunting wealth.


INTERNET FRAUD ~A crime in which the perpetrators develop a scheme using the elements of the Internet to take advantage of people, defrauding them of money and assets. 


In Nigeria this trend is popularly called”yahoo yahoo” or” G”. This later metamorphosed to “yahoo plus” and “yahoo plus plus” these yahoo plus(s) activities are embedded in diabolic powers, the use of charms and the likes. Its no more news that most Nigerian youth are heavily involved In this illegal activities despite government effort at curbing the menace. The issue of internet fraud is not peculiar to Nigeria. Its a global phenomenon. Some other African countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone and advanced countries like US, UK, Spain and others are involved. Frequent cases of internet fraud includes Business fraud,card fraud, investment schemes, Nigerian letter fraud, romance scams etc.


Unsuspecting members of the public including foreigners are hoodwinked on a consistent basis following the activities of these hoodlums.


419 AKA advance fee fraud operates online and off line. From sending unsolicited scam mails, to fake pastors out for business only to milk the people dry of their limited resources, use them and dump them in the name of “thus says the lord”. To the politician who make fake campaign promises just to get you to vote for them. What about the romance scam, “sweetheart swindle” women’s emotional are toiled with, they are swindled and left empty and heartbroken .

It doesn’t matter what names these con men go by, their activities are the same. People perpetrate crime using the Internet or off line methods to deprive many of their hard earned money, steal their assets and make their lives worthless. One thing is indisputable, every swindle is driven by a desire for quick cash, it’s the one quality the swindler and swindled have in common. When you agree to send money to a stranger to secure more money or you agree to have won a lottery you never played in the first place. Every swindled person has an element of greed in them. Sound reasoning and common sense should alert you on false propaganda, it should set your psychological alarm on. If it’s sounds too good to be true it probably is.


Sometime ago, a popular Nigerian artist Olu Maintain released a song titled yahoozee* in its lyric he was trying to highlight the importance of fraud money, and praise the efforts of the con men.


"As the lust for large and easy profit is fanned into a hot flame, the mark puts all his scruples behind him. He closes out his bank account,  liquidates his property. Borrows from friends, embezzles his employer or client.in the mad frenzy of cheating someone else, he is unaware of the fact that he is the real victim, carefully selected and fatted for the kill. Thus arises the trite but non the less maxim: you can't cheat an honest man".............David Maurer. Author of the classic book THE BIG CON .


Presently the get rich quick syndrome of the youths of today has turned a worrisome dimenension, the inclusion of ritual killings and others like it, aside the regular internet fraud. Its no longer news that ritual killings in Nigeria has escalated. Yahoo boys and youths have decided to throw caution to the wind.The quest for instant wealth by these youths is telling on the society. Young men are so quick to join occult groups, these occult groups make some ridiculous requirements placing insane demands on these desperados. These charlatans have no option but to go looking for other people’s personal effects like undies while others go looking for fecal to swallow as they engage in more and more hideous things as part of the ritual rite to make money.


Many have now ventured into actual killings to make money, members of their families are not spared. Recently in Benin city Nigeria,a young boy of about thirteen years of age murdered his mother and thereafter slept with her corpse before been apprehended by the police. Ritual related killings are very rampant.



Factors responsible for this ugly trends also include:


Witch doctors and instant money doublers in a certain African country,these witch doctors and money doublers bask in the desperation of these young men, promising them hot and easy cash. Our Nigerian brothers continue to make endless trips to that country. But these are not without consequences.


REAP WHAT YOU SOW ~ jail terms,madness,sudden death are parts of the consequences, but its nothing compared to the innocent lives they have destroyed.


My message is simple desist from evil, killing your mother will not end your money problems, you are the greatest fool in the land, if not ,you wouldn’t take any member of your family or anyone else for that  matter to the slaughterer. Be wise son it’s only a stubborn fly that follows a corpse to the grave. your greed and desperation never will take you to a place of tranquility. These witch doctors that promised you wealth beyond your dreams, why aren’t they listed among the world’s richest?


Has a fraudster or ritualist ever made FORBES list of the world’s richest? Be wise.


Ritual or fraud money has never been the key to lasting wealth.


Don’t be deceived nothing goes for nothing, whoever tells you, you don’t need to work hard is an enemy of your soul.


No witch doctor or occult master will tell you the intricacies of what you are getting yourself into. They are only interested in your soul, to harvest it for destruction.


What you need is:



Stop the barbaric act today.


For any one soul you kill to make money.

you are ten steps closer to your grave.

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