2 Casualties, 17 Injured In Mass Stabbing Of Pupils In Japan


A knife wielding man on tuesday attacked and stabbed to death two pupils and inflicted injuries on 17 others in Kawasaki near Tokyo, Japan, the man was said to have unleash mayhem on  pupils waiting for their school bus – a rare act of public violence in a country considered one of the safest in the world.

Report from tabloid JAPAN TODAY, says pupils numbering about 16 of Caritas elementary school, a private Catholic school were stabbed by a man  in his 50s and holding knives in both hands at about 7.40am.

An eyewitness account on the incidence says the suspect slowly approached the children and was shouting “I’m gonna kill you”.

One of the  pupil  who lost her  life was identified as an 11-year old sixth-grader.

Also, another casualty was said to be a 39-year-old man Satoshi Oyama who

was a father of a 1st grade student at Caritas Elementary School and a government employee. he died in a hospital from deep stab wounds to the necks.

All 17 children who were stabbed were girls, most of whom were lower elementary students, according to Saito.

Another eye witness identified as Toshichika Ishii, gave his own account of the incidence, he said he  was at a park near the site “I heard children scream ‘I’m scared’ and then turned to see a man with knives shouting, ‘I’m gonna kill you.’”


The knife wielding man himself didn’t survive the attack, Police reports that the suspect died in the hospital as a result of a self-inflicted stab wounds to the neck.

Police forensic experts investigate a crime scene where a man stabbed 19 people, including children in Kawasaki on May 28. Two people, including a child, are reportedly dead.