Your Prophecies can’t kill me


If you want to know a country where God speaks to some of His men, the prophets, by revealing to them nothing except death and destruction of only celebrities, then Ghana is that country.

Since early last year, Ghanaian prophets have been tormenting the lives of celebrities most especially our musicians with their so-called God sent messages but because they deliver these messages and go freely, they feel okay doing it again and again.

But if Ghana is a country where a prophet will get his a$$ lashed after delivering fake messages claimed to have been sent from heaven, I am sure these types of doom prophecies against celebrities would have been limited.

Just recently, Ghanaian female singer who just entered the music industry after being signed by RuffTown Records,Wendy Shayhas also disclosed during an interview  that she has also started receiving death prophecies from some prophets.

“I do get prophecies from pastors and we pray over it and they don’t scare me. It’s not because they are not frightening enough. I get death prophecies and I take it as it is and pray over it,” she said.