A 23-year-old takes his own life after battling Insomnia


A man identified as  Ikenna Sunday Eze has committed suicide in Ala Ugbele Obukpa community, Nsukka local government area of Enugu state.

The 23-year-old who was nicknamed Sosthe, hung himself on a cashew tree on Monday, October 19 all the while pretending everything was fine with him.

His younger brother, Chidubem Eze said no family member suspected any foul play, as there was no fight and he went about his business activities.

He, however, explained that though his deceased brother who was battling insomnia had told their father to take care of his siblings when he dies, they never knew he had perfected plans to hang himself.

He said: “He has been having insomnia for some time now but he has been going about his normal businesses. No member of the family had any problem with him and there was no misunderstanding whatsoever with anybody in the family as to warrant him taking his life.