Actress Eve Esin trending on social media for licking actor’s lips

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Nollywood actress Eve Esin is currenting trending on social media, and for the wrong reason.


The star actress is still  receiving  backlash for social media users over her recent post on IG,  she is seen with fellow actor  Stanley Igboanugo which ordinarily won’t been seen as a big deal.

What got people talking is centered on the nature of the pictures, in the first photo, she is seen licking his chin, a few inches from his lips and in the second photo, she gives him a peck.

She shared the photo with the caption: “Set benefits sha‍♀️ to think this my bro man just got married a week plus ago‍♀️‍♀️ @stanleyigboanugo7 enjoy while it last”

Some reprimanded her for sharing such photos.