Afghan Journalist shot dead on her way to work by assailants


Afghan journalist and activist Malalai Maiwandt was shot dead by unknown assailants Thursday.

The 20 something-year-old was shot and killed along with her driver Mohammed Tahir in the eastern city of Jalalabad as they traveled to work, at 7 a.m. local time said Enekaas TV, the private television channel she worked for.

 Her employer said she is the second journalist killed to be in a month in Afghanistan.

 The journalist, whose activist mother was also killed by unknown gunmen five years ago, had previously spoken out about the difficulties of being a female reporter under Afghanistan’s ultra-conservative patriarchal system.

 Her death comes as targeted killings of prominent figures become increasingly common amid rising violence, despite ongoing peace talks between the government and the Taliban.

 No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government has described the killing of the female journalist as “utterly despicable.”

Sediqi Sediqi, a spokesperson for President Ashraf Ghani condemned the murder, calling it “cowardly and heinous.”

“The Afghan government strongly condemns it and conveys the message of condolence and sympathy to her family and friends,” Sediqi said in a tweet. “The current senseless violence against our people must end.”

Coffin of the late journalist and activist shot dead