Angolan polygamist with 41 wives dies, leaving behind 281 Children


Over 1,000 people came out to pay their last respects to a popular polygamist in Angola.

The polygamist identified as  Francisco Tchikuteny Sabalo had died of Prostrate cancer, leaving behind 156 surviving children, 250 grandchildren and 42 wives,  he was laid to rest on Sunday, April 19, 2020.

Angolans defied the social distancing rule imposed on people to curb Covid19 to bury Sabalo.

Also called Big Dad, Sabalo was a man with an extremely large family.

Although Big Dad claimed to be a Christain during his life time, he was a husband to  49 wives, seven of the women left the marriage before his death.

The renowned polygamist also fathered 281 children but 125 died before him, leaving 156 surviving children. Sabalo has 250 grandchildren and 67 great-grand-children surviving him.

It was reported that even though the late polygamist fathered so many children, he made sure that they got the needed education and spent as much as N540k annually for school supplies.

Three of his daughters are currently studying medical sciences and two sons are learning computer science.

Sabalo’s last wish before his death is to keep the children well fed and united, a wish his first wife has taken upon herself to fulfil.

The family relies primarily  on farming, raising domestic animals and the proceeds they get from the family business for survival.

 Angola law prohibits polygamy, but it is widely practiced in the predominantly Christian nation.