Baby Saybie Survives After Weighing less than 1kg

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Baby Saybie was known as world’s tiniest baby as at the time of her birth, she weighed only 0.2kg which they say is the weight of an apple.

She was born at 23 weeks, about five months of pregnancy, at the time of her birth, doctors at  the Sharp Mary Hospital California USA said she had  just an hour to live.

However Saybie, against all odds did not succumb to medical reports or  Doctor’s verdict, she recovered and even gained some weight after five months of  intensive care at the hospital in San Diego. due to this positive development, it was time to go home for both baby Saybie and mother.

Saybie’s mother recalls the day she gave birth to Saybie,she described it  as the ‘scariest day of her life.’ “I kept telling them she’s not going to survive, she’s only 23 weeks,” .

Consequently, Saybie has been dubbed a ‘miracle’ for surviving when she was born so early.

Dr. Paul Wozniak, medical director for neonatal medicine at Sharp Healthcare, said: “The heartbeat was strong, over 100 beats per minute, and fortunately, we were able to get a breathing tube in.”

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