Bill to decriminalize homosexuality in Gabon voted for by government officials


The Gabonese parliament has voted to decriminalize homos3xual  activity which prior to this time has been banned for nearly a year.

The country’s National Assembly voted late Tuesday to adopt an amendment to criminal legislation to remove a paragraph that prohibits “sexual” relations between persons of the same s3x”, a source close to parliament confirmed to AFP on Wednesday.

The text had been introduced by the Senate, the upper house, into a draft law in July 2019.

It stipulated that having homos3xual relations in Gabon was considered “an offense against morality”, punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of five million CFA francs ($8,600, 7,600 euros).

On Tuesday, “48 deputies voted in favor of decriminalization, 24 against and 25 abstained,” the source told AFP.

For the bill to be passed, the text must still be adopted in the same terms by the Senate.

The criminalization of homos3xual activities had gone almost unnoticed in this country of fewer than two million inhabitants when it was adopted last year.

The amendment voted by the National Assembly on Tuesday, meanwhile, caused a stir in the local press and on social media networks on Wednesday.

Homosexuality is frowned at in Africa with only a few exceptions.

It’s not in our culture.