Bob Higgins convicted on 45 counts of s3xual abuse on young players

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Bob Higgins 66, was found guilty of 45 counts of indecent assault on young footballers on Thursday.

He was a former youth football coach at Premier League side Southampton.

Most of his victims were trainees at Southampton FC and Peterborough United, between 1971 and 1996,and they claimed that Bob Higgins, s3xually abused them  and also indecently touched them.

 Police investigation into Higgins started following the referrals from a NSPCC phone line that was set up to respond to 2016 reports of s3xual abuse of young players at clubs across Britain.

While on investigation, The Police described Higgins as a “kingmaker”who abused and used his position of power over the future careers of his young players to molest them s3xually during a 25-year period.

Higgins was also found guilty prior to this time of indecent assault on Greg Llewellyn when he was  a junior player at Southampton in a seperate trial in 2018.

Greg says he believes Higgins was accorded  too much power within the club which he clearly abused.

“Whilst it was a very different time in football, the fact that Higgins had total carte blanche control over everything that happened with the entire under 16 and downward structure of the club allowed him to do the things he did and that simply wouldn’t happen today,” Llewellyn told the Press Association.

“I can’t hold the club responsible but you have to point the finger and there was some negligence there but there was only one perpetrator.”

Also Southampton and former England forward Matthew Le Tissier  accused him of s3xual assaults, when he made a revelation in  2016 of been  subject to a “really disgusting” naked massage from Higgins.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Brown, of Hampshire Police, described  Higgins as someone who used his reputation as a skilled coach  to escape coming under suspicion for many years.

“We have heard from a number of victims over the last few weeks during the court process, they all describe Bob Higgins as an incredibly talented football coach who they absolutely respected for his ability to coach them in relation to their football skills”.

“They also describe him as the kingmaker, someone who held their very future in his hands and he used that position to exploit the vulnerabilities that some of these individuals had to satisfy his own s3xual needs.”

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