Bobrisky has been fighting me since 2019 over a man—-Nkechi Blessing says


 Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has said Bobrisky is fighting her over a man as the pair continue to fight dirty on social media washing their dirty linen outside.

The brouhaha between the two started after Nkechi apologized to a fan after she accused her of lying and inking a fake tattoo of her name for clout.

After she apologized, another fan then told Nkechi Blessing that she apologized to the fan who tattooed her name because she is scared of Bobrisky.

Reacting Nkechi responded: “Abi you and Bobrisky dey mad? You want make I swear for you?”

Bobrisky hit back, calling Nkechi names, Nkechi not willing to back down fired back at the crossdresser immediately.

According to Nkechi, Bobrisky has been fighting with her since 2019 over a man. She also dared Bobrisky to publicly mention the man’s name.

Taking to Instagram to say this, Nkechi wrote;

“My dear my gist no dey your hand ooo… Lalas you by yourself go use your mouth tell dem say you don dey fight me since last year because of man. As in the thing over shock me… Make man dey fight me cus of man… I don try avoid you but you no gree since 2019.. well maybe now is the time.

If e sure for you, mention the man name wey make you dey fight since 2019. Make we kuku scatter the full table make the man wife know say him dey fuck your dirty asshole wey maggots don they come out from… stinking dick head”