Bobrisky is a “Fraud” and a “Threat” to the Trans community in Nigeria—-Bisi Alimi


Gay activist Bisi Alimi has criticized popular crossdresser Idris Oduneye aka Bobrisky describing him as a ‘Fraud’.

Alimi’s reaction comes after Bobrisky said he only became a crossdresser for financial gains after years of being down on cash as a man. In a post, he shared on Instagram on Saturday, December 26 Bobrisky said he suffered so much as a man with no means of livelihood until he turned to cross-dressing, then he started making a lot of money.

He also revealed his plans to travel to Colombia come 2021 to undergo a full sex change.

In reacting to Bobrisky’s comment, Alimi described him as a threat to the Trans community and a fraud.

He said: I have said this before and I will say it again, Bobrisky is a threat to the Trans community in Nigeria and it is high time we called him what he is, a fraud!!

I am never one to misgender anyone but Bobrisky is (based on this comment) a man in a woman’s clothing for profit and that’s not what being Trans is.

Bobrisky is yet to respond to Alimi’s outburst.