Bobrisky mocked for wearing a worn-out inner bra while lecturing on how to secure rich boyfriends


Popular  Crossdresser Bobrisky has been blasted by social media users for wearing a torn inner bra while giving women advice on how to secure rich men.

Bobrisky in his first video for the year was seen lecturing young girls on how to secure rich boyfriends for themselves on his Instagram page.

In the video, Bobrisky  slammed and condemned girls who are of the habit of doing domestic chores in a man’s house just because she wants him to propose

While he was lecturing,  social media users were quick to notice the worn-out black innerwear worn by him, as they mock him for wearing it.

Some criticized him for Living a fake life, while others lament that Bobrisky has to be dressing like the rich lifestyle he’s always lecturing people about.