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I Used New SIM & Chatted With My Girlfriend As A New Guy, What She Did Shocked Me – Man Cries Out

April 2, 2020

235 ViewsA Nigerian man with the name @primesoccer on Nairaland has shared a troubling experience about his relationship. He wrote: “I met my girlfriend about 2yrs ago and we’ve been doing pretty fine. Before we met, she was in an abusive relationship and she had to quit. In trying to understand ourselves, we’ve had to […]

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10 years with the RIGHT PERSON is better than 50 years suffering with the WRONG PERSON- Reno Omokri

November 10, 2019

463 ViewsActivist Reno Omokri is giving out some real marriage and relationship advice, according to him marriage is not a competition, he added that the ‘right’ person is needed to make marriage worth it. Better to marry LATE than to marry and HATE. 10 years with the RIGHT PERSON is better than 50 years suffering […]

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What’s Your Take On This?

November 9, 2019

404 ViewsMen in loving committed relationship with one woman, are happier and lead a more balanced life, than those spreading their lust on several women at the same time. Do you agree?   It is wise for a man to stay committed to  just one woman?  

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Bisi Alimi Begins His Own #Revolution Now In Nigeria While He Poses For Some Angelic Photos

November 6, 2019

316 ViewsGay Man and gay right activist Bisi Alimi recently celebrated his three years marriage anniversary with his darling husband Anthony Davis. The Angelic troublemaker has ventured into his own kind of #Revolution now thing, will he take in Sowore’s footsteps? only time will tell.

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Topical question for the day?

March 14, 2019

1,161 ViewsWhat’s your take on this? is it advisable for a 69 yr old man to be jumping up and down on the stage in the name of live concert at the detriment of his health.What do you sugget? Why this question? Because an Argentinian singer get into coma after he tumbled off the stage during […]

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The Fall Out Of Open Marriage

January 10, 2019

1,148 ViewsCan two walk together except they be in agreement? Agreement and acceptance are the first and vital aspects before a relationship begins. You will agree with me that you have to be in agreement with a person, there must be some level of acceptance within you towards that individual before you can talk about […]

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