Covid toes, new symptoms of the coronavirus

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The Center for Disease Control is adding new COVID-19 symptoms this week, including a sore throat and a loss of taste or smell. However, one symptom not on the list is drawing a lot of attention right now.

Dermatologists said COVID toes might be an indicator of COVID-19, but there isn’t quite enough known about it yet to say definitively.

In a distinct number of COVID-positive patients, some experts are noticing skin rashes. They’re described as lesions on the foot and fingers. But they might not be a sign that someone has COVID-19.

Someone could have red toes because of a separate condition and not necessarily have the virus. University of Rochester Dermatology Professor Art Papier said while it’s not proof you have the virus, it’s something to keep an eye on.

“It’s very rare that something’s 100% in medicine. You could have a cough and you could have a cough because of your asthma, or you could have a cough because of pneumonia. And COVID toes, redness of the toes, might be caused by other disease processes.

Papier added while it might not be an exact indicator of COVID-19, you should still have a skin condition evaluated by your doctor.

The other symptoms added to the CDC’s list include chills, muscle pains and shaking.

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