COVID19: Over ten thousand families gather in a Texas food bank for their daily bread


A Texas food bank distributed more than 1 million pounds of food to about 10,000 families, whose cars sat bumper to bumper in a parking lot for the record-setting distribution event this week amid the Covid19 pandemic.

About 6,000 households preregistered on the San Antonio Food Bank’s website for Thursday’s distribution held at Trader Village.

But thousands more showed up for the giveaway — and aerial photos show the parking lot chock-full of cars.  Food Bank president and CEO Eric Cooper called it the largest single-day distribution in the nonprofit’s 40-year history.

“It was a rough one today,” he said “We have never executed on as large of a demand as we are now.”

The drive-thru event was the fourth such giveaway for the Food Bank since March 31, according to the report.