DON’T JOIN THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT!.. Mike Bamiloye tells women


On February 9, Pastor Mike Bamiloye, the leader of the Mount Zion Ministries via his Twitter handle told single and married ladies that joining the Feminist Movement will make them miss the will of God for their lives.

”If you are a Single Sister, DONT JOIN THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT! The Feminist Movement May make you miss the Will of God for your Life. If you are MARRIED, don’t join them either, IF YOU WANT TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR MARRIAGE. The Feminism want to CONTEST the Head of the Home.”

In a separate post, Bamiloye said any movement that questions the word of God originates from the devil

”SOME PASTORS’ WIVES ARE FEMINISTS, Fighting for Equality in their homes and on Pulpits. They have weakened the Foundations of their Husbands’ ministry. And seriously adulterated the Sacredness of their Marriage.

Some Ministers of God just allow PEACE to reign in their Home, so as not to raise the dust that would sink the Sailing Boat, THE “PEACE” in some Ministers’Homes is a Camouflaged Peace, because the Head of the Home is Submissive and doing everything the Wife insisted you be done.

But the Terrible Inherent Danger is that a terrible Seed of Rebellion and Stubbornness is being unconsciously Sown into the Children’s Heart, which would gradually begin to blossom uncontrollably.

ANY MOVEMENT THAT QUESTIONS ANY ASPECT OF THE WORD OF GOD, Originates from the Devil the Hater of The Marriage Instituted by God.’

The cleric opined that men and women may be equal, husbands and wives are not.