ENDSARS: My father would have come out to protest with the youth…..Dele Giwa’s daughter


Ayodele Dele-Giwa, the daughter of the late Nigerian journalist Dele-Giwa who was killed with a letter bomb in 1986, has said her father would be proud of what the Nigerian youths are doing and would have joined in the protest

In a statement she posted on social media, Ayodele wrote that things will change this time as against 34 years ago.

She wrote:

I was 1 when he died, so all I know are stories from family and pictures. But one thing I am sure of: he would be so proud of what the “lazy” Nigerian youth have been doing over the past 11 days. He would have been 73 this year, & he would have come out to protest with the youth.

t’s what he fought for. 34 years later, we are still fighting. But it will be different this time. Things will change. Our eyes have opened WELLA. E go shock them. RIP Daddy (struggle to say it sometimes). Wish I knew you for myself.