#ENDSARS: What’s going on? Cardi ask for a summary of what is happening in Nigeria


Rap star, Cardi B has reacted to the widespread #EndSARS protest to curb police brutality and extortion in Nigeria.

The mother of one was alerted to the new normal by a Nigerian Twitter user. @AsiwajuLerry .

He tweeted: Madam @iamcardib, trump is not your only problem. Your beloved Nigeria is currently in a state of pandemonium. We are not safe!! If you’ve ever loved this country, please help use your platform to create more awareness for us. Enough is enough! #EndSarsProtests #EndSARSNow!!

In a swift response,  Cardi asked what’s going on while asking of a breakdown of the situation with a promise to research on it later.

She went on to express her love for Nigeria.

She tweeted in response;

What’s going? Can you give me a summary so I can research later ….you know I love Nigeria