Failed Parenting And The Way Forward

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“Every young adult has the potential to help the entire world,.He just needs the right guidance and support “………………Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

Character, Charisma, sense of responsibility social and religious orientation, ability to cope with life’s challenges are formed during the formative years of an individual.

Value needs to be inculcated into children through a well-grounded parental upbringing. During childhood, the most important requirement of parents is to prepare their children for a bright and promising future.thus every parent’s aspiration is that their kids exhibit excellent character, but for this to happen the correct method towards this goal must be adopted and an enabling environment created from the beginning so they can thrive.

While paying attention to their physical upbringing, education, health, and other needs, it’s imperative that you include a spiritual upbringing as well.


Religious teaching plays a huge role in instilling discipline and good moral values on children.
Train your children the right way, teaching them to imbibe scriptural values, Children should be made to understand that obeying God’s law is the only way needed to grow up as responsible adults.

Godly teachings should be taken seriously.
This cuts across every religion, parents should ensure that their young ones don’t derail from the things of God.

The Bible says :
Train up your child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Prov 22:6
The Quraan says:
“O you who believe, save yourself and your family from a fire whose fuel is men and stones”(surah Tahreem).


You can’t give what you don’t have, some parents lack proper home training themselves. Such parents would definitely achieve less when attempting to raise their own children, these parents lack effective parenting skills for the proper upbringing of their kids.
Imagine a home were both parents are always on a wrestling bout or throwing temper tantrums.
Their inability to impart their children positively stems from their own lack of self-restraint.
Children raised in such a toxic environment would grow up to be bullies themselves.
This also includes other unruly behavioral tendencies exhibited by parents.
Responsible parents must put measures in place and thrive to be significant role models to their offsprings.



When one parent single-handedly bears the burden of raising a child, it may have effects on the upbringing of that child. A single parent may not be capable of meeting the financial obligation needed to raise that child, Also a single parent may not be able to inculcate the needed discipline on the child.
The job may be overwhelming and it may give rise to behavioral problems, the child gets out of hand and difficult to control.

It’s a general knowledge that children raised by both parents, Mom and Dad fare better.
However, there are also instances where single parents have successful stories raising their children alone.



is connected with negative conditions such as homelessness, substandard housing, inadequate nutrition, and food insecurity, lack of access to health care, inadequate childcare, unsafe neighborhood, and under sourced schools. Living conditions spartan.
These shortcomings greatly impact on children’s wellbeing.
Poor parents and their inability to provide the basic amenities to aid in raising their children adversely affect them.


Another factor that greatly affects proper upbring is child labor. poverty on the parts of parents oftentimes exposes children to child labor. It takes away their childhood, inhibits their ability to attend school and it is dangerous to the overall wellbeing of the child. physically, mentally, socially, and otherwise.



Children who lack classroom education are often the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Children in most countries have no access to education due to constraints like illiteracy on the part of the parents, poverty, conflicts, or insurgency.

Developing nations are worse hit by this pandemic. According to UNICEF, Nigeria has10.5 million out of school children. 60% in northern Nigeria.

Nigeria is not alone in this fiasco, most developing countries are affected especially those bedeviled by wars, terrorism, and insurgency. Pakistan is also one of those.




Child molestation is a form of abuse in which an adult uses a child for sexual stimulation.

Most children are victims of this abuse with a high percentage of such occurrences carried out by people who are supposed to protect these children.

Molestation affects children in no small measure and may even affect them later as they mature into adulthood. effects include stigmatization, depression, unwanted pregnancies amongst others.
Parents would do well to protects their children from predators.

This article will be incomplete if I fail to address the issue of H.I.V and AIDS and the impact It has on the upbringing of children.

The effect is seen in the rising numbers of children orphaned by aids. Parents whose responsibility is to raise their children die leaving these children to face the harsh realities of life with no one to care for them.

This negatively affects their education and overall wellbeing.
There may be no food to eat and clothes to wear as their providers are no more.
They may be forced to fend for themselves which makes them vulnerable and exposes them to all sorts of abuse.

Children affected by H.I.V and AIDS are not alone, there are also Children who quit school just to fend and cater to a sick parent.

In some third world countries, children orphaned by AiDS face discrimination, abuse, denied access to schooling and proper health care, maltreated in foster homes, denied access to their rights and inheritance, and left to suffer as if they killed their parents.
AIDS and everything associated with it has brought untold hardship to families around the world with mostly children at the receiving end.


Underage children, girls especially are cajoled or forced into early marriages.

Child marriage is a formal or informal union entered into by an individual before reaching a specific age,18 in most jurisdictions. Some are betrothed while still in their mother’s womb.
These children are sold off to men old enough to be their uncles and fathers.
This practice is most prevalent in developing countries.


It harper the child’s development on every side including educationally and health-wise.The educational pursuit of that child comes to an end to enable her to concentrate on the slave marriage, bearing children amongst other things.
The rising cases of victims affected by obstetric fistula are alarming. Most cases are a result of slave marriage (that is what it is). The girl child is nothing but a sex doll to an unscrupulous weird husband.
Victims are often isolated because of the deadly smell of urine and fecal.
Parental consent to such marriages could be a result of poverty and illiteracy and maybe the culture and norms of the area.
Good parental up bring abhors such practice that violates Children.


Social vices are prevalent today mostly as a result of the breakdown of homes and family values.
Failure on the part of parents to raise children that will contribute meaningfully to the development of the society.
The rising cases of crime\criminality like arm robbery, kidnapping, Internet fraud, Ritual killings, Trafficking in persons, prostitution, cultism, and terrorism, etc are perpetrated by mostly youths and if you investigate or carry out a background check on these youths and their crimes, you will discover they were raised in households where there was, or is complete moral decay.

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