FedEx driver discovers body in garbage bags near railroad tracks.


A FedEx driver made a gruesome discovery Wednesday afternoon near the railroad tracks in Lipscomb.

The body of a black male was found about 1:30 p.m. near the tracks on 15th Street just inside the city limits.

Lipscomb Police Chief Mareshah Moses said the body was covered with two garbage bags.

“It wasn’t her route,’’ Moses said of the driver. “She was surprised to see there was a body laying to the side.”

The driver called 911 and police responded. Moses said the victim was in two garbage bags.

One of the bags covered the lower half of his body and the other covered the top half. His feet were bound with tape, and there was also tape around the outside of the garbage bag at his head and mid-torso areas, as if to keep the garbage bags secured.

“Whoever did this heinous crime, they tried to take the time to actually hide this person,’’ Moses said.

The victim was not carrying any identification and investigators do not yet know his identity. He had an obvious head wound, but Moses said they don’t yet know if that is from a gunshot, blunt force trauma or something else.

The chief said he does not know how long the body had been there. It was in a small area, between railroad tracks and a neighborhood, where trash is often dumped.

Moses said the garbage bags covering the man’s body had a puddle of water on top of them, which indicates he was at least there overnight when there was last rain. “The weather tells it all,’’ he said.

Once they identify the victim – who appeared to be anywhere from his early 40s to late 50s – they hope to talk to his family and possibly retrace his last know activities.

“The only thing I can tell them is we’re sorry for your loss and we’ll be there for you in support and we’re trying our best,’’ he said.

Birmingham police, Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies and Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office investigators were at the scene.

Autopy will be carried out on the corpse.