France lock down extended by one month, as the situation is under control


France President, Emmauel Macron has called on the french people to exercise more patience as he extends the lock down period by one more month.

He  said this while addressing the nation this evening from the Elysée Palace in Paris, according to him,  restrictions that started on March 17 would continue to be enforced strictly until May 11 as the country’s death toll rose to almost 15,000.

Mr Macron said said that after May 11 the lockdown could slowly be relaxed, that will include the gradual reopening of schools, crèches, colleges and high schools.

Larger public events and restaurants, cafes and bars aren’t expected to open “before mid-July”.

The President however stated that  relaxing of the rules “will only be possible if its citizens continue to be responsible civic respecting the rules and that the spread of the virus has actually continued to slow.”

Macron said: “The epidemic is starting to slow down. The results are there.

“Thanks to your efforts, everyday we have made progress”.

Mr Macron also agreed  that there  were lapses  with everything from the supply of masks to protective gel, and that health workers “did not have enough protective equipment”.

The President said: “Mistakes were made.

“Were we sufficiently prepared? Obviously not – no one is prepared for a crisis of this magnitude”.

France has been on  a strict lockdown since March 17th, but Mr Macron insisted it was essential to  “continue our efforts”.

Neigbouring countries are also not left out of the sting of lock down, France’s border with other European nations will also remain closed “until further notice”. Mr President said.