French President Emmauel Macron becomes the latest world leader to contract Covid-19


French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for COVID-19, the presidential Elysee Palace announced on Thursday.

It said the 42-year-old leader took a test “as soon as the first symptoms appeared”

The statement by the Elysee Palace did not mention what symptoms Macron experienced, but said he would isolate himself for seven days.

“He will continue to work and take care of his activities at a distance,” it added.

His wife Brigitte Macron 67, is also self-isolating although she is not showing any symptoms, her office said.

Macron is the latest world leader to become infected with COVID.

Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Johnson and United States President Donald Trump have had their fair share of coronavirus.

It was not immediately clear what contact tracing efforts were in progress, but palace officials added he was trying to assess where he may have contracted the virus.

According to them, He met with several world leaders and top officials during the 10 days before he tested positive for the virus, several pictures taking with these officials shows Mr. Macron failed to observe the physical distance.

Also, French Prime Minister Jean Castex is self-isolating after contact with Macron.

Castex shows no symptoms but will no longer be going to the French Senate on Thursday to outline his government’s vaccine strategy to combat COVID, his office said in a statement.

In France, since the start of the pandemic, 2.4 million people have had coronavirus, while almost 59,472 death has so far been recorded.

Since the second wave of the virus began across the world, many more infections have been recorded as world leaders struggle to tackle the continued spread of the virus with the use of vaccines.