G.A.Y stands for God accepts you….gay cleric says


Gay Pastor Jide Macaulay of the House of Rainbow Church England has said gay is the acronym for God Adores you.

He made the above statement in a video he posted on his YouTube Channel as he joins the LGBT community in the celebration of the Gay Pride Month.

In the video, the gay cleric gave different meanings to the word gay, part of which was God Appreciates You, God Anoints You.

The gay pastor who was initially married to a woman also talked about his travails growing up in a Christain home and how he eventually discovered himself for who he is today.

Taking to social media, he wrote: GAY means God Adores You. Let’s celebrate Pride month with all of our queerness, blackness and faith in God.

He revealed he had troubles locating a Christian community, before finally founding his Church, House of Rainbow, which he said has been a kind of shelter providing support and succor to members of the LGBT community in England.