Hillary Mocks Donald Trump


A comment made by President Donald Trump at a recent rally sounded an awful lot like Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 campaign slogan — and she’s having some fun with it.

“We’re only getting stronger together,” Trump   told the audience at a border wall rally on Monday night in El Paso, Texas, ahead of his bid for re-election in 2020.

The message was repeated by the Republican party’s official Twitter account, which posted it later Monday alongside a photo of the president holding up a hand.

On Tuesday morning, Clinton, 71, shared that photo with a sardonic swipe at how blatantly it sounds like her “Stronger Together,” the slogan for her most recent presidential bid.

The phrase also adorned Clinton’s campaign plane and was the name of a book she and running mate Sen. Tim Kaine published in 2016.

“Now copy my plan on health care, a fairer tax system, and voting rights,” the former Secretary of State wrote.

Clinton also included a link to a page laying out all of the different platforms on which she ran her 2016 campaign, including universal health care and ways of making it easier to register to vote.

The GOP shot back: “How about this: We’ll give you your slogan back if you run again.”