How my career started+coping with stardom—-Destiny Etiko

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Curvy thespian Destiny Etiko reveals in this interview how her movie-making career started.

The Ebony skinned actress narrates how she started acting as a child, the role her mother played in making her what she is today, and the day a fan gave her the embarrassment of her life.


What has COVID-19 lockdown denied you?

It has denied me a lot. I can make like two short movies in a week. If they are not short movies, it could take like eight days or so. So, I have actually missed a lot. If not for anything, it’s the money that comes into my account.

What motivated your talk show on Instagram?

If there wasn’t anything like COVID-19 and I am working every day, I don’t think I will have time to talk… but for the fact that the App has something to do with the kind of job I do. I love acting, so I am doing the show just to while away time.

Is there any work you are currently promoting?

If not for COVID-19, I would have clinched endorsements from two different companies. I was supposed to have gone to Abuja to seal an endorsement deal. But because of COVID-19, everything had to be on standstill.

Do you think actors will need to go for the COVID-19 test before they can act again?

When COVID-19 is gone, I think it will be forever; then we will definitely go back to the way we normally act. But when the virus is still around….

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to you?

A fan saw me and lay on the floor screaming. She jumped up, hugged me and then went crazy right in the middle of the crowd. I felt embarrassed. Later, I got to know that she was a die-hard fan of mine.

Have you ever craved to be famous?

The truth is that I have never craved to be famous. My mother used to take me to locations when I was little. She would have me hold her bag while she was busy acting. It got to a point that my father stopped her from acting. I was very small then, I was in JSS 1. Movies take your time, you go out and come back at night, and my father did not like that idea. But I remember, for three consecutive times, l helped my mum hold her bag while she was filming. But then, when I was small, I shot some movies. In one of the movies, I was Pete Edochie’s daughter. But after that, my mother stopped acting and I never really yearned for acting again until I got into the university.

And all this while you never had any formal training as an actor?

I have not really had any training. If not for the period I went to locations with my mum when I was small… well, I won’t call that training. I didn’t really have any training.

What did you study in school and what kind of student were you?

I read Marketing. While I was in school, I was only acting small, small roles. Back then, I did not consider myself a celebrity because I was still using my ‘legedes Benz’, doing my waka waka in school. I was still patronizing the canteen, eating food of N100, N150 or N200. I didn’t have money; I was just seeing myself as someone acting in movies. That was in 2014. I did my NYSC in 2015. So, it was at the NYSC camp that I started receiving calls from different producers, saying they wanted to work with me. I was like ‘really?’ That was why I redeployed from Ondo State to Enugu, my hometown. From Enugu, I broke out to Asaba, which is actually the headquarters (of movie-making).

What are the things you won’t do in the name of fashion?

What I will not do in the name of style is getting almost naked. But anything unique and presentable is okay by me. I love body-curve outfits because I have a very good physique.

Has fame denied you of anything?

Fame has not denied me anything. You know, I am an Enugu girl and I love Abacha. I can enter anywhere and eat. It still does not stop my bank account or change the fact that my name is Destiny…

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