How To Lead A Healthy Life Style In 2020 And Beyond

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Increase productivity in life is the goal of every individual, everyone wants to be pro active and carry out there day to day functions with ease but like they say if you are healthy then you are wealthy. Healthy living is of paramount importance in order to achieve the needed results.

Making improvement in our life style improves our health which results in more energy, improved mental health, immunity to illnesses and chances at defeating them.

Here are six steps you can take to maintain a healthy life style.

1.Eating healthy foods.  >Natural foods like fruits and vegetables is a neccessity  to maintaining a healthy body, dark green and leafy vegatables and fruits cointains vitamins and anti oxidants to fight off toxins and boost your immune systems. Eating fruits and vegatables should be a regular part of your diet to help the body fight againt illnesses like cancer and heart disease etc. It is advisable to include varied veggies and fruits in your diet everyday.

Also drinking clean water throughout the day is of  benefit. It hydrates, nourishes and improves your wellbeing. Water flushes toxins from body, energies the muscles, controls weight gain and improves brain functions and also balances bodily fluids and temperature. It is reccommended to drink 8-10 glasses of portable H2o everday.

2.Exercise Exercise Exercise. >Regular exercise and good physical fitness is essential for an idea weight, it’s a good ideal to hit the gym at regularintervals keep it going, jogging, swimming, and hiking are also good ways to keep fit and improve your life.

3.Get adequate night rest. >If you don’t make time for  sleep and rest  your lifestyle goals  could suffer. Sleep deprivation encourages unhealthy decisions making as it makes you feel fatigue and reduces activity in the part of your brain that oversees impulse control. Well rested people  cope better with stress and it may so help in curtailing your eating habits. Research has shown that  lack of sleep can put  your hunger hormone out of balance and possibly make you indulge more in over eating. Observing siestas is a great way to rest up during the day.

4(a). Avoid unhealthy habits. >Drinking, smoking and drug abuse. Cummulative effects of drinking beer, wine, spirits can take its toll on your body. From liver inflammation and diseaes to damaging the central nervous system. Drinking also makes it difficult for your brain to create long term memories, it also reduces your ability to  think clearly and make sound choices. The effect of drinking cannot be over emphasized, these points are few ways drinking affects your body which doesnot aid a healthy life.

4(b).Tobacco. >Tobacco is dangerous to your health, it does not matter how it is taken, cigarrette smoking harms nearly every organ in the body, causes many diseases and reduces the health and wellbeing of smokers in general.

Smokers are more likely to develop heart disease, stroke and cancer etc. To maintain a  healthy living avoid smoking, it plagues the body with diseases. I’m sure you are familiar with that tobacco advert that says “smokers are liable to die young”.

4(c). Drug or substance abuse. > Is an affront to a healthy  body. It affects those around you, loved ones, it is imperetive you work to prevent the dangers of drug abuse by learning more about it and creating awareness around your community, effect of drug abuse include outright madness, health complication, financial instability, relationship problems, homelessness etc. There are many potential long term effects of drug addiction and abuse. Kill substance abuse today before it kills you!

5.Stress. >Activities and interacting with people is a sure way to get stressed up, too many people are stressed as a result of their jobs or even family commitments. Its of benefit to your health if you take time  off to breath and relax. You can help maintain your physical and mental health by trying out some relaxing activities. Pick up that book you have always wanted to read, listen or watch comedy skits, enjoy music and spending time with loved ones. These activities keep you organised happy and refreshed.

6.Risky sexual behaviour. >Risky behaviuor related to sexual practices is a wide spread phenomenon. Studies has shown that risky sexual behaviour  is a common practice among adults, especially young people.  They engage in premarital unprotected  intercourse with consequences such as unplanned pregnancy, S.T.Is and H.I.V/AIDs, not to mention reckless intercourse with multiple sexual partners. Prostitution is also a major aspect of risky behaviuor bedevilling our society today.

Feel  free to let us know other ways we can improve and maintain a healthy life style in the comment sections.

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