I was s3xually assaulted by my lecturer in the UNIben 32 years ago—Actress Ameze Imarhiagbe


Ebony skin actress Ameze Imarhiagbe recounts her ordeal of been sexually assaulted by a lecturer while she was a student at the University of Benin.

According to her, the incident happened 32 years ago and that it haunted her since then.

Posting via her IG page, she wrote

”Listen to me!!!!

If you’ve ever raped a woman and went scot-free, you are nothing but a lifeless insect.

You see! Rape is a grievous sin. No matter how hard you try to turn a new leaf after playing with the lives of many, nemesis will find you. Yes! Even in your old age!

I was sexually assaulted by my supervisor at the University of Benin 32 years ago. He was someone I trusted and felt I could count on. I carried the grief for years but got stronger because I knew I needed to be strong.

If you’ve ever assaulted anyone in secret, I tell you… you need some serious cleansing. Not for you but for your beautiful children and grandchildren unborn! They don’t deserve to go through hell while paying for your sins. Pray for them!” she wrote.