If you must engage in Polygamy have some Poly-sense—-Reno Omokri


Activist Reno kicking against Polygamy, opined that polygamy is not advisable and the cause of  many misunderstanding and unhealthy rivalry in the family.

He advised people who want to engage in Polygamy to channel their energies into Poly-Business and other profitable ‘POLYS” while calling on them to have some POLY-SENSE.

Happy reading: POLYGAMY is not advisable, whether you are rich or poor.

But even if you must engage in POLYGAMY, at least have POLY-BUSINESS, POLY-MONEY and POLY-HOUSES.

You can’t be experiencing POLY-POVERTY and want to engage in POLYGAMY.

Have some POLY-SENSE! The root of many family feuds is POLYGAMY with POVERTY.

It is bad enough for women to compete for a man’s love. But it is wicked when they have to also compete for his money.

The competition produces step brothers and sisters who don’t see themselves as siblings, but rivals and in some cases, enemies.