I’m a proud educated Sex worker——Lady says after graduation from a University


A self-acclaimed commercial s3x worker has stirred up controversy on Twitter after she shared pictures of what looked like graduation and calling herself an educated s3x worker.

She shared a picture on a stripper’s pole and another where she was dressed in her graduation gown.

The lady identified as @_sup3rrnova on the platform stated that the sky is her limit and she is proud of her profession.

Many users on the social media site were baffled as to what she intends to do with her newly acquired educational qualification since she’s so proud to be in Mrs. Warren’s profession.

She wrote alongside the photo:

Just a reminder that the sky is the limit. An educated sex worker.

Twitter users not willing to let that slide wondered aloud on what she will be doing with the certificate and that she’s undeserving of it.  One Twitter user even said he’ll start a petition to have the certificate stripped from her.

He wrote as a comment,

If you we’re my student. You’d be kicked from my class and expelled from the school. I hope you feel very lucky, I will be making a petition to get that degree taken from you. I’ll give to a person that deserves it. Have a nice day and congrats.

In a follow up tweet, she made it clear that her sex work days are far from over by sharing a link to her OnlyFans account.