Japanese PM Abe Apologizes Over His Plans To Quit Office Following Health Condition


Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced Friday that he intends to resign from office following a worsening health condition.

Abe announced his intention at a press conference, “I have decided to step down from the post of the prime minister,”  saying he was suffering from a recurrence of ulcerative colitis, a condition that ended his first term in office.

The Prime Minister said he was receiving a new treatment for the condition, as a result, won’t be unable to discharge his duties because the treatment is to be administered on a regular basis.

“Now that I am not able to fulfill the mandate from the people with confidence, I have decided that I should no longer occupy the position of the prime minister.

His party the Liberal Democratic Party is now faced with an uphill task of finding a successor in an election likely to take place among the party’s lawmakers and members. However, Abe is to remain in office pending the emergence of a new prime minister.

In 2007, Abe stepped down as prime minister just one year into his first term.

This is making it his second resignation without completing his tenure.

The outgoing leader also apologized to the Japanese people over his inability to complete his tenure.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to the people of Japan for leaving my post with one year left in my term of office, and amid the coronavirus woes, while various policies are still in the process of being implemented,” Abe said, bowing deeply. ( dogeza ).