Jennifer Lopez questioned by her kids,talks about being a mum

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“I’ve been interviewed maybe 10,000, hundred, million, bajillion (sic) times in my life, and I always get asked mostly the same questions. So I decided that it would be fun to let Emme and Max ask me some questions.”

The first question came from her son Max,who asked, “What was the most trouble you got in when you were my age?”


She replied saying, “I used to get in trouble all the time,”  revealing she used to always “sneak out of the house” through her bedroom window, using a ladder so she could go and play with her friends.

“I also got punished a lot, but I don’t remember why,” she added. “I was a really good kid.

Jennifer went on to share how her life completely changed when she became a mother, and it was only then that she understood the challenges of  being a mum.

“You cannot imagine what it’s like to be a mum until you are a mum,”.

She said she made assumptions when she advised other parents because she never really understood what parenting was all about.

“I remember I used to give my friends who had kids advice all the time… and then… the minute I had you two, I literally apologised to all my friends,” the iconic singer continued. “I said, ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t understand what it is to have a child… I’m sorry.”

She also revealed to her kids how shocked she was when she was pregnant with them,when she found out via her first scan. She admits she was so overwhemled that she burst into laugther.

“I was like, ‘WHAT?!’ And I started laughing hysterically “I couldn’t believe it.”

As the chat progressed, her daugther Emme became very inquisitive,tried to find out if she is her mother’s favourite child, J.lo obviously alarmed by the question had this to say

“What!?” she exclaimed, “I don’t have a favourite, I don’t believe in favourites. I could never think of one of you more than the other. I don’t understand that, I just don’t. I love you both so much.”

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