Jordyn Woods Took No Responsibility for Hook Up With Tristan Thompson.


Jordyn Woods had a premonition that hooking up with Tristan Thompson was going to cause problems, because she started damage control with Khloé Kardashian the very next morning and tried to pretend like she was just being Khloé’s “watchdog.”

Sources directly involved with the drama says that jordy put in a call to Khloé the morning after she left Thompson’s house party following their scandalous hookup.

However, we’re told jordyn  first offered up a story that she was a “watchdog” for Khloé and only went to the house party to “keep an eye” on Tristan and make sure nothing inappropriate went down.

We’re told Khloé thought the call was odd, especially when later in the day multiple people began reporting back to the reality star that Jordyn was actually sitting on Tristan’s lap during the party.

Khloé called Jordyn back and grilled her on the details she omitted, and we’re told Kylie Jenner’s BFF “came clean.

However, Jordyn insisted “he leaned over and kissed me,” implicating Tristan as the person who “made the move” in the hookup.

We’re told Jordyn has, so far, taken ZERO responsibility for the incident, and keeps blaming Thompson for making the first move. The Kardashian family isn’t buying her story, and is upset she hasn’t delivered a “proper apology.”

Sources tell us if Jordyn admitted her wrongdoing and apologized for publicly humiliating Khloé and the family, it would help alleviate the damage, but she is refusing to admit she was an active participant.

As one source put it, Woods needs to “Just say I’m sorry and I was wrong,” so that everyone can start the healing process.

As we reported, Jordyn sat down Tuesday with Jada Pinkett Smith on “Red Table Talk” to apparently discuss the drama, but she may have violated an NDA with the Kardashians that could cost her 7-figures.

Our Kardashian sources are skeptical of what Jordyn will say on the Facebook Watch show, insisting that unless Jordyn accepts responsibility for the situation, it will just be more “excuses” and “lies.”

One of the lies, we’re told, is that Jordyn has been trying to float a story to the media that she was drunk during the tryst with Thompson. We’re told multiple people at the party can vouch for the fact that Woods was very lucid, despite “socially drinking.”

As for what the reality star family thinks about their former BFF sitting down and doing a tell-all in the middle of the drama, we’re told the stars find it “disgusting,” adding that Jordyn’, “first pubic statement should have been an apology, not a dramatic walk to an interview table.”