Kankara schoolboys tell their stories while in the hands of their abductors


The Kankara schoolboys abducted at the Government Science Secondary School in  Katsina State have lamented the torture or cruel treatment meted out on them by their abductors.

According to them, they were kept in the cold, not allowed to use the toilet, and ate only once in 48 hours.

In a video that went viral, one of the boys, Abubakar Salisu, said a majority of the students are not willing to return to the school where they were kidnapped for fear of the unknown.

He regretted that the location of the school made it difficult for security operatives to rescue them.

Salisu said they felt the efforts of security operatives attempting to rescue them in one of the locations that they were kept.

He said, “I was very happy (to be rescued). At the time we were there (kidnappers’ den), we were kept in the cold. They gave us only cassava to eat.

“At night, we defecate and urinate on the same spot that we sleep. If we request to use the toilet, we are beaten.”

When asked if they are willing to return to school, Salisu replied, “None of us is willing to go back there. But some will go if the government increases the number of security operatives guarding us, without that we are not going back.

When asked why, the schoolboy replied that “In terms of security, the school is too far from town. When they came to kidnap us, the army and police arrived late. They already gathered us parked us inside the forest before the army and police came.”

Another schoolboy complained about his poor state of health.

He said, “They kidnapped us from December 11 and freed us on December 17. We really suffered in the bush. We were hungry in the bush and we had no mattress. Sometimes, it takes two days before we eat. They give us only cassava.

“I feel hungry. I am not feeling fine. I am sick.”

However, their joy knew no bound after they were released by their abductors on Thursday, December 17, they couldn’t contain their joy as they smiled and cheered.

The Boko haram terrorists group claimed responsibility for the kidnapping on the grounds that western education is unnecessary.