Kanye West concedes defeat in US presidential, vows to run in 2024


Rapper cum preacher and now politician Kanye West has conceded defeat in the US presidential election after he garnered only 57,000 votes in 12 states under his self-described ‘Birthday Party.’

The father of four took to Twitter to share a photo of himself posing in front of an electoral map and wrote: ‘WELP KANYE 2024.’ 

Kanye has vowed to run for another election in 2024.

 In July 2020 West launched a campaign to run for president against President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

He made it on the ballot as either an independent or third-party candidate in 12 states, Arkansas, Idaho, Vermont Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, and , Colorado,

Kanye who revealed he voted for himself and for the first time in the US Presidential election wrote his own name along with his Vice presidential pick Michelle Tidball on the ballot in Wyoming, after he failed to submit enough petition signatures in August to get onto the Wyoming ballot.

According to the Associated Press, West appeared on the ballot in 12 states and his best performance in the election was in Tennessee, where he won 10,188 votes.

Votes received by West includes Arkansas (3,979); Idaho (2,309); Iowa (3,179); Kentucky (6,259); Louisiana (4,837); Minnesota (6,796); Mississippi (3,009); and Oklahoma (5,587).