Keep that Promise, Better a friendly refusal than an unwilling promise.

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Promises are like the full moon if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day. ~ German Proverb.

Have you ever broken your promise to someone?

Have someone broken their promise to you?

Do you easily make a promise, but find it difficult to keep?

Making and keeping promises is an important aspect of human existence.

Today too many people make promises they have no intention of keeping. In your relationships and interaction with people how many of your promises did you make any effort to keep?

When someone breaks a promise to you, how does it impact your level of trust in them?

People often trivialize small promises as unimportant, you fail to visit when say you will, you don’t return that call even after you promised to, failing to keep small promises gives you the appearance of a disorganized and irresponsible person who take others for granted.

When people realize that you can’t keep simple promises, they reasonably believe that you are not trustworthy and can’t keep your words on more important issues.

It doesn’t matter how small a promise is, a promise is a promise. keep it

Every individual or society who respects the agreement made with others will have their trust and confidence, while those who break their agreement will be abhorred and looked down on.

Breaking promises makes others unhappy, where you find it difficult to keep your promise don’t make one.

Not making a promise doesn’t also mean that you can lead people on, creating a false impression.

For example, don’t continue in a relationship with someone with the mindset of “I didn’t promise anything” leading people on is the same as breaking a promise because they are with you believing things will turn outright.
It’s not a good idea to keep someone when you have no intention of keeping them.

Keeping Promises is important in the Continuation of a healthy relationship :

Many relationships and marriages today are going through tough times, when you promise undying love and commitment to someone only for you to break their trust, it puts a strain on the relationship.

You will agree wholeheartedly with me that lies and cheating have contributed negatively in no small measure to the breakups in relationships and caused divorce in marriages, simply because someone refused to keep their promises.

Marital vows are meant to be honored, don’t take it lightly. The promises you made on that altar before God and man is very important to God and he will hold you accountable for it.

So before you lie or even cheat on your mate remember that promise you made to that person, and put yourself in their shoes, suppose they do the same to you, will it go down well with you? Do to others as you will have them do to you.

Why it’s important to keep your promise :

1. Trust and Transparency:

Keeping your promises is a major factor in building a good and truth worthy reputation, people respect you for your sincere and transparent disposition and they know they can always count on you as someone with integrity and not a sucker.

People take you seriously when you keep your promises and it also goes a long way to boost their confidence in you. people don’t respect you for making a promise, they only respect you when you keep them.

2.Makes you a better individual :

When you make a promise or commitment to someone and don’t keep it, there is a distinct feeling of having let that person down. So it important to weigh the situation and consider the long term effects on your reputation.

When you promise or guarantee what you can offer and go-ahead to do it, it reflects on you positively.

Your reputation is very important to you, just being aware of this is enough to stop you from making promises that you aren’t likely to keep while enabling you to deal transparently with people.

3. The society will be a better place for us all:

Most of the problems bedeviling marriages, relationships, families, and society at large are as a result of failed promises.

Politicians tell you what you want to hear during campaigns but fail to deliver.

A husband decides to ring some bells outsides his marriage, forgetting his promise of chastity to his dear wife,.Where promises are kept, there aren’t many hiccups because everyone lives up to their responsibilities and the society gets better for it.

Likely reasons why people fail to keep their promises :

1.The wickedness of the heart:

The heart of man is deceitful and above all desperately wicked, who can know it?so the bible says.

Humans beings are dynamic in nature either for good or evil.people make false promises on purpose, they make it so easily with a solid intention of breaking it.

This often happens when they are targeting a short term benefit, the prospect of quick gain or gratification.

The feelings and emotions of others are toiled with, they are duped, they are left heartbroken and rejected, drained and used up.

Fake promise makers utilize the crafty nature of their hearts and hollow words.
This didn’t happen by accident but was intentional, on purpose, to the detriment of the other persons.

2.For show/public approval:

Most promises people make today are nothing but a show, to gain recognition and for cheap publicity, just to show off.

Sure the promises are empty, but these persons are eager to impress the gullible and vulnerable.
A typical example of this is evident in launchings, fundraising schemes, or if you like ceremonies.

3. Your word is not your bond:

Empty promise makers don’t see the need for forthrightness or transparency in their dealings with people.

They have no credibility to maintain, they don’t give a damn about their reputation and the feelings of other people.
They are capable of making false promises that will put others at risk or in danger.
Their words mean nothing to them and so, shouldn’t mean something to you.

NEVER Promise the moon:

AKA don’t promise anything that is above your capacity to deliver. When you make a promise, keep it even if it cost you more than you expected or you have to work much longer than you intended.
Let your word be your bond.
Don’t promise to jump from mount Kilimanjaro when you can’t even cross the gutter on the other side of the road.

I believe we are all guilty of this at some point in our lives. Let’s know how you failed others and how they failed you too.

It’s time for a turnaround in attitude and our promises to people.
It’s important you keep that promise.
Be a promise keeper.
Yes, keep it.

Promise little and do a lot. ~ Hebrew Proverb.

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