Lady says Uti Nwachukwu is a rapist and bisexual, He reacts


 Show host, Uti Nwachukwu, has been dragged online by a woman who accused him of raping her.

According to this woman, Nwachukwu is also bisexual.

This woman Identified as Kambili Korie called him out and accused him of raping her in 2017 when they were casual friends.

“I said to myself, “NOW IS THE TIME”

 have lived in torment and self-blame these past three years. It was five minutes for UTI NWACHUKWU but until justice is served, it’ll be a lifetime for me.I’ll be giving full details in this thread.

He made advances at me. Told me I was the prettiest girl he knew and that he was obsessed with me. I told him we could talk this out. He fled up. In his words “I always get what I want”. And that was when he forced himself on me.” she wrote.

Nwachukwu in his reaction urged the accuser to step forward, show their identity, and report the case to the authorities within 3 days.

He wrote;

“I reject this characterization and deny this baseless allegation in the strongest terms possible.

Furthermore, I am urging this faceless victim to report this purported crime to the nearest police station •

I am willing to pay for all the fees you incur in reporting this alleged crime

if after 3 days u fail to disclose yourself or report the crime, I shall proceed to report the case and the blogs and other internet host spreading this fake news to the inspector general of police for cyber terrorism and Libel

I am appalled and disgusted that blogs are too lazy to properly investigate baseless claims before putting up badly scripted and edited posts on their pages all for numbers they get from the back and forth drama. Shame.
How do you put up posts from a faceless twitter page created months ago?
You put up fabricated and photoshopped chats and tweets doctored by these mindless trolls without proper investigation?
Once a again dear faceless victim, 3 days and your time start now.