LGBTQ: Nigeria ranks third highest “Top” users on gay dating App Grindr


Nigeria has ranked third highest users on a popular gay dating platform called Grindr.

Grindr is the world’s largest social networking app for the LGBTQ community. The recently released a “Grindr Unwrapped”, a statistic report that sheds some light on some of the sex & dating trends among the 13 million LGBTQ people who use the popular app.

According to GuardianNG, the recent data points released showed countries with the most top, bottom and versatile users. They also released the most-used emoji in profiles and cities all over the world with the most active users.

The top is usually a person who penetrates, while the bottom is usually one who receives the penetration, and someone who is versatile a person who participate in either or both roles

Surprisingly Nigeria ranged the third-highest country with the number of “tops” behind Morocco and India.

Nigeria is one of the countries where being gay attracts a jail term of up to fourteen years.

Many LGBTQ communities across the country carry out their activities in secrecy, and their members are often bullied.

Homosexuality is a big offense in Nigeria and its members often hide their sexuality in public.