Man murders his wife in cold blood for been pregnant for the third time

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A very scary incident occured in the home of a young couple in Brazil, a husband slashed his wife throat with a razor blade while they were getting intimate in the bedroom police in Brazil said.

The husband Marcelo Araújo, 21, claimed under interrogation that he killed his wife, 22-year-old Francine dos Santos, after they engaged in a heated argument about her becoming pregnant for the third time.

They already had two children,  a daughter, four, and a son, two.

During the questioning by the police, Araujo admitted that he didn’t want any more children beyond the two the couple already had, he said he  hated  the idea of sharing his wife with his kids and  was overwhelmed by  the financial burden he is already experiencing raising the family.

After he killed his wife, the suspect attempted to also take his own life but for the timely intervention of the Police who stopped him.

He was seen with with cuts to his neck and wrists, in the family home in Várzea Paulista, a municipality in the State of São Paulo at the time the Police arrived.

Investigators told Brazilian news outlet G1 that it took him over six weeks of interrogation, before he gave several versions of what transpired on the day of the murder.

According to detectives, the suspect said that on December 22 last year, while the couple were discussing plans for their Christmas dinner, the issue of her third pregnancy cropped up, this lead to a heated argument between them, when the dust raised by the argument settled, the couple headed to the bedroom, right in the middle of their intimate session, Araujo proceeded to stab his wife multiple times before he slashed her throat with a razor.

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  1. Wonders will never end, little children that hard know what marriage is, dabble into it, now see the result.

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