‘Many of us are just d biggest hypocrite ever—-Bobrisky


Trans woman Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky has assured Instagram celebrity Hushpuppi, who was recently arrested by Interpol for fraud of his unwavering support even in these difficult times.

Reacting to Hushpuppi’s arrest,  Bobrisky took to IG  to write that most Nigerians are hypocrites and only turned their backs on the man when he is in trouble, even as they were frolicking around him when the going was good.

He wrote:

Many of us are just d biggest hypocrite ever !!! Before his arrest many of you are in his dm, comment section kissing his ass. But immediately you heard about his arrest your true self came out. If you don’t like him stand on ur ground..

stop faking love when you see him and then go behind to call him names. To cut d story short be urself and stop acting two face. I Stand with @hushpuppi . Many of you will insult me under dis post, but guess wat I don’t care.