Another Musician Proposes to Yvonne Nelson


Ghanaian actressYvonne Nelson has been crying on social media and on Television stations that she seriously needs a man in her life to warm her bed every night.

But on a more serious note, the majority of men won’t deny the chance to be in a relationship with a woman like Yvonne Nelson BUT trust me it will take only the bold to embark on such a journey.

The actress has been complaining bitterly that even though she keeps saying in all her interviews that she needs a man, no man has been bold enough to approach her

At last,one Dubai-based Ghanaian uprising musician with the name CEOMusic who claims he is the right man for our sister, Yvonne Nelson.

Now the big question is, will Yvonne Nelson whose heart was once broken by a Nigerian musician, agree to be in a relationship with another musician?