Nigerian celebrities are extremely homophobic towards gay people—-Bisi Alimi


 Bisi Alimi has slammed  Nigerian celebrities describing them as pretenders and homophobic.

According to him, so many of them have gay friends abroad and even visit them, but will quickly turn around to label them adding that they are also extremely intolerant of gay people in Nigeria.

In a tweet, Alimi terms their actions as unacceptable and unwarranted.

Bisi Alimi, is a Nigerian gay rights activist, public speaker, blog writer, and HIV/LGBT advocate who gained international attention when he became the first Nigerian to come out as gay on television.

He Wrote; To all the Nigerian celebs with gay friends in the abroad (you even come here to visit them and spend time with them) but extremely homophobic towards gay people in Nigeria, we see you and we have your receipts